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Intellectual Formation


The teaching role of the priest is of primary importance. All that a priest does in celebrating sacraments, delivering homilies, teaching RCIA and adult education classes, etc. are part of his teaching role. The priest’s life must be grounded in the teachings of the Catholic faith, which implies a continual conversion of mind and heart. The academic years in the seminary are a graced period in life. During these years of theological studies, a seminarian receives the opportunity to ground his life firmly in the basic academic disciplines of the Church. He is challenged to integrate these academic disciplines and make them his own.


The University of St. Thomas School of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary offers an extensive selection of courses covering the areas of Sacred Scripture, dogmatic and moral theology, liturgy and sacraments, church history, patristics, spirituality, homiletics and canon law. The School of Theology maintains a high standard of academic excellence with a pastoral focus. For more information please go to School of Theology at St. Mary’s.

Every seminarian is required to enroll in the Masters of Divinity program of the School of Theology and is thus subject to all the expectations of the School of Theology. The Seminary also offers the possibility to earn the STB degree. The STB is a canonical degree authorized by the Congregation for Education of the Catholic Church. The Master of Arts in Theological Studies program is also available to students interested in pursuing further studies. The details of academic programs can be found in the University of St. Thomas School of Theology catalog,